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-Ghostbusters & House MD-

You're right... No human BEING could write slash like this...

The House MD/ Ghostbusters community!
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So, do you like Ghostbusters? Do you like House MD? Then come and join us at ghostbusters_md! Is there a better fandom cross-over out there? I think not. It all fits, once you think about it.

Enjoy the snark of Dr. Gregory House and Pete Venkman, the whining of Dr. Allison Cameron and Janine the secretary, the cerebral minds of Egon and Dr. Eric Foreman, the happy-go-lucky Ray and Dr. James Wilson, and even the evil minds of Gozer and Vogler.

All the components for good Fan Fiction are RIGHT HERE, PEOPLE. WHO YA GONNA CALL?

So... what do we want to see? All Fan Fiction is welcome, as long as it pertains to a House MD/ Ghostbusters cross-over. Hell, we'll even let purely House MD or Ghostbusters fiction if you feel like it belongs here. We're not nasty, we're not going to ban you. Slash, het, gen, whatever you feel like. It can be as distasteful, porn-filled or as smutty as you like. Just so long as it isn't racist or homophobic or whatever. AND NO FLAMING! Because, let's be honest, that's just shit. Pete Venkman will get all prehistoric on your ass.

ICON MAKING AND FANART IS ACTIVELY ENCOURAGED. Because, y'know, that's all kinds of awesome. Anything else you want to post is cool too. We don't mind community pimping either, as long as it pertains to either House MD or Ghostbusters. I mean, we're going to pimp this community like hell, so it's only right that we return the favour.

ANY ships are welcome, no bashing people about their favourite ships or whatever either. Because, let's be honest, what's the point?

You're uber cool mods are sizzleleg and timbershiver. Come to us if you have any questions, or want to ask What the fuck we are on, because you want whatever it is, as it appears to be working.

Let's show them prehistoric bitches how we do things down town, and GET POSTING.

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